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Anyone see the ITV missed goal **** up?

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socket2008 | 00:07 Thu 05th Feb 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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Unbelievable. You sit there for nearly two hours watching a game. Then the screen goes blank adverts start to appear then back to the game only to find Everton have scored in the meantime. Then after the game (before News at Ten which started at 10.55) there is a minute of the VT clock followed by the ITV logo for another minute. What the hell are ITV playing at?



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depends where you are i saw the ads for a few seconds then the match and saw the goal

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My TV went off but came back on before Everton scored.
As you say and as I said at the time, 'unbelievable'.
Mine was on adverts then cut back to a bundle of Everton players....Well Done ITV
went blank for a couple of seconds but came back in time for the goal
In London, I certainly got about 30 seconds of adverts, and when we came back the Everton players were mobbing Gosling, so we missed it. Glad that I fell asleep for most of the second half
Same for me, advert came on and missed the goal, I am in Suffolk Grrrrrr.
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ITV do something like this on nearly every programme now, it is infuriating that they make so many mistakes
Yeah what a balls up. I watched the whole game then missed the everton goal with ITV adverts. Thought Goslin had a terrible game. Well done toffes rafa's face was priceless .
I had a go at my kids thinking they had switched channels on the remote! i DID apologise to them , but ITV - what a mess up - Unbelievable!!!!! spoilt the game!
More4 news item tonight talked of an investigation into what went wrong. I'll tell you - they should have left the football coverage to the BBC and stuck to what they do best (which is what?).
misterg1970-they should have left the football coverage to the BBC and stuck to what they do best (which is what?).

Not charging us for a TV license?

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Anyone see the ITV missed goal **** up?

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