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What is the name of the final routine in Bring it On?

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lulu_dolphin | 22:08 Mon 13th Dec 2004 | Film, Media & TV
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I watched Bring it On yesterday (the film with the cheerleaders) and thought it was a really great movie , until today i decided to find the name of the song in the final Routine (for the Toros , NOT Clovers) where it sings 'Are you ready for this' its a dance/trance song witha definite beat. It is not on the OST but if u could tell me the name I would be much appreciated (maybe if u have the film , u could fast foward to the end in the credits where it tells you the name plz) Cos its a great song and has inspired me to start cheerleading !! Tks


Louise  (United Kingdom)



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Hi Louise

The song you're looking for is called 'spirit fingers', my daughter loves it too!


isnt it 'get ready for this' by 2 unlimited??
Question Author

Thanx For all the answers , both your answers are correct , just different versions of the song!!

Louise (Lulu_dolphin)

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What is the name of the final routine in Bring it On?

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