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£100 note.

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Jemisa | 00:13 Wed 30th Dec 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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I've been watching 'Wheel of Fortune'' and in the prog. JL offers contestants a £100 note if they can come up with the answer half way through. Now am I wrong? as far as I know there is not a £100 note in circulation or even legal tender, so how can he do that?
He shows it to camera so I know its not 2 £50s.

Perhaps the prog is made in Scotland and its a Scottish bank note.
Anyone know?

Aunty Jem.


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yes there is £100 pound notes in circulation we got a few in the shop i worked in a few months ago

yes it will be scottish as far as i know wheel of fortune is scottish to
Jemisa - check your Shop at Sly Corner thread
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Yes your link Cherry answered my Q, I wish sometimes that we did do a £100 note it would be handy for paying big bills. Thanks again.

sir.prize, I'm on it. ThanQ.
Apparently Wheel of Fortune UK version was produced by Scottish Television so yeah they do have a £100 note.

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£100 note.

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