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Last night...more shananigans!

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nat_84 | 10:38 Tue 12th Jun 2007 | Reality TV
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Was watching BB whilst laying in bed last night and it all kicked off.

Once AGAIN about Chanelle and Ziggy. I missed the initial conversation in which Nicky apparently approached Chanelle and told her to be careful and look out for herself when it comes to men. Nicky claimed that this is what she would've said to any good friend of hers and just wanted to make sure she was looking out for Chanelle. But Chanelle then told Ziggy (who apparently said its nice of her to look for Chanelle) but there was MASS confusion in the middle. Nicky then thought chanelle was b!tching about her etc etc etc.... was a very long night of tears (from Chanelle because she didnt want Nicky think she was b!tching about her), shouting (Ziggy and most females...) and tag (twins and gay guys).

I felt really bad for Ziggy, who once again has become the centre of bad attention for doing nothing wrong but be kind. He felt he couldnt even get involved and comfort Chanelle because of everything.

Big mouth Laura got involved as well as big mouth Charley (wasnt quite sure ofher input into this whole thing). Ziggy openly said "i know Laura doesnt like me anyway".

What is wrong with these bloody women?! Why cant they just take a nice guy for who he is!! As Ziggy rightly said last night, they need another straight man in the house to take the attention away from him.


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I haven't read your question Nat, if there is one, but i just wanna say i love the word "shananigans"! :o)
Question Author
yup great word. "discombobulated" is better though :oP
There was also a bit of a kerfuffle :o) Got to say Laura's gone right down in my estimation.
Question Author
great word! yeah cant stand Laura now - turning very b!tchy.
I love the words Tomfoolery, Skullduggery and Skidaddle!

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Last night...more shananigans!

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