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Garmard | 11:43 Wed 09th Oct 2013 | TV
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On the 7th of April 2010 I had written a post entreating the return of my favourite classic comedy...I find it hugely ironic that it is returning. Maybe Roy Clarke uses AnswerBank on a regular basis?


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but without ronnie B, it won't be the same, granville becomes the boss.
Will it be funny this time I wonder ?
There is always a danger in revisitng any classic TV - it runs the risk of tainting the legend.

Still, let's not pre-judge ...
Question Author
I love Ronnie Barker, but sad as that is, I assume the one off special will be a "hat's off" to the genius of Arkwright.
Yes Minister. That is all.
Not a very good idea....these re-visitings rarely, if ever, work.
I agree with you andy hughs this happened with to the manor born & poldark
i can't see it working for the simple reason the magic between david jason and ronnie b was the whole key to the programme, and it's still one of the most watched comedy programmes of all time.

Barrel Scraping at best, imho.
Question Author
I suppose it depends on how it is written, I always found many come-backs hard to swallow as so much had changed and the dynamics of the original story would shift along with it.
Yes, it has been 28 years since "Open all Hours" last graced our TV's, but I still think there is a back story to be told..."What happened to Granville? Is the corner shop still thriving?
It is always going to be hit or miss whether Roy Clarke can pull it off, but remember, "Last of the Summer Wine" ran for too long in my opinion but still Clarke kept it the skin of his teeth.
Garmard - not quite the same thing.

LOTSW carried through from beginning to end, without a break, so there is no actual 'revisiting' involved - it is the long gap, the absence of the primary character, and the inevitable changes in the other characters that create the potential for failure.
as said granville is now the boss... it could be funny, or like rock and chips the supposed prequel to only fools and horses didn't work in my opinion..
the corner shop is a hairdresser round the corner from me they are redoing the shop for a special open all hours xmas special
Think you can write yourself. Picture of Arkwright on the wall of the shop that falls off everytime the still sticking till is opened or closed. Granville still lusting after the milk lady, while Nurse Gladys Emmanual says he should do something about it etc.

Roy Clarke writes whimsy rather than humour.

well, if they make a mess of it - just be prepared to f f f fetch yer cloth
"well, if they make a mess of it - just be prepared to f f f fetch yer cloth"

Best answer, right there :)

Told my folks about it because they were huge fans of the original series - as was I.

Like others, I would have concerns that they will disappoint through not being able to live up to the memory and Ronnie Barker has gone so much of the chemistry is already missing.

Still, I shall watch in hope
What other oldies would we like to see revisited?
I'd like to know how Gary Sparrow got on in the 40s and 50s, Goodnight Sweetheart and what happened to Lovejoy once the plane landed.
Remakes are never the same as the original, just let us have repeats of the classic comedies, can't imagine Fawlty Towers being revamped!
Why don't he just say its based on the original not funny open all hours then we wont fell like we have been let down.

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