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Money For Old Rope

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Canary42 | 10:06 Tue 14th Nov 2023 | TV
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I see that Nigel Farage is (allegedly) getting £1,500,000 for entering the jungle.  Nice of ITV to boost his finances this way.



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Perhaps Coutts will reappraise afterwards.

^ Yes, he should be able to open an account with them now.

One assumes that all 'celebs' that participate are given massive payouts, or no one likely to attract viewers would agree to get involved. Personally I'd rather retain what little dignity I have and forego riches I don't really need.

Just as long as he pays income tax then I couldn't care less.  I've never seen the programme and Farage won't tempt me to watch now

It’s not a programme I have any interest in, but it would be worth the programme makers having me take part in.


For a start, I’d point out a few home truths to that idiot Farage, and make the other non-entities cry - pointing out I’d never heard of them.


In a few years time, I can see myself being given a dementia test (by my doctor) showing me a photo of some celebrity I’ve never heard of – and my doctor concluding I must be suffering from dementia, when actually I have no interest in people who are famous for being famous.

Mr Farage is making inroads on the social media platforms used by the younger demograhic - which ITV is keen to attract.

Add to that his high profile, and outspoken attitude, and he is pretty much assured as 'good television', in that he will attract viewers, which is what it's all about.

Therefore, ITV will consider his payment, however large it may be, to be a worthwile investment. 

Another great reason for not watching

I think, if the reaction Matt Hancock got is anything to go by, Me Farrage is going to be a target for trial selection most days, and will be earning his fee!

I'd like to watch him sitting down to a meal of wriggling whittchey grubs.


As the latest edition of Private Eye notes, Farage is more used to talking testicles than eating them.

//I think, if the reaction Matt Hancock got is anything to go by, Me Farrage is going to be a target for trial selection most days//


Nigel Farage himself said that.  He knows it's going to happen.

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Money For Old Rope

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