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tradey | 22:44 Tue 27th Jun 2006 | TV
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she is starting to get right up my nose,shes saying the f word all the time im sick to death of hearing babe in every sentance,is she trying to take graces place and shes very boring too


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I wanna know what the hell they are going to put in her best bits.
i think her saying babe is just a habbit like jade said mingin and michelle said chicken i like imogen she may be boring but i still like her!
Boring , I mean she can be pleasant when she wants but I always feel she acts according to what she'll come across on the screen like , or , how she thinks the person she is talking to wants her to.
She doesn't seem to have her own opinions or is too scared to voice them.

They all have a bit of a bitch in there, but I dont think i've heard her talk of much else other than bitching
She didn't want a bar of aisleyene until lisa left and bitched about aisleyne then. She just sits twiddling her hair and giggling at anything mikey says. Her only vocabulary is I know babes. She doesn't seem to have a mind of her own apart for hating Richard with a passion. He was funny when she changed the plugs over in the milk task - laughing and he actually sounded for once as though he didn't hate her

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