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What do you ladies think?

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chrisrob | 15:05 Thu 18th Sep 2008 | TV
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I've just watched the Dawn Porter Gets Naked programme from last night's television on iPlayer because I couldn't see it last night. I watched out of curiosity. There have been many programmes recently - Gok's "Look good Naked", Trinny & Susanna "Undress the Nation" etc.
I am an artist and frequently draw naked models. I am also a naturist and have no hang ups about being naked in public. But I AM A MAN. I don't think I'm a pervert. I DO feel women (and men) should not be ashamed about who they are.
My wife has been on a naturist holiday with me and we do visit a local "free" beach but she is still very self conscious about the "bats wings" under her arms, her slightly wrinkly belly etc. I tel her she looks wonderful but she feels I'm only doing that because I have to.
Is it because you all want to look like air-brushed Barbie dolls? Why can't we all just be who we are?


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Because we live in an image-obsessed culture.

Scan the magazines in your local supermarket - they obsess with whether Psh is too fat, too thin, too old, bad skin, bad hair -etc., it goes on and on.

Look at the number of magazines there are of this type, and then conclude - we are obsessed with what people look like, it's human nature, always has been, always will be.

We can be who we are, but we will never stop being interested in how others are - it's not as black and white as 'accepting who you are', the human condition is far more complex than that.

You love your wife, and see past her physical imperfections, she does not, but grits her teeth and puts up with your lifestyle choices.

Why not accept that women are far more body concious than men, and holiday with clothes on - for your wife's peace of mind?
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I`m not ashamed of my body, but there`s always pressure on women to "look good". The fashion industry dont help either.
Flaps/Bat wings are unhealthy and in all honesty are fat...

Call me vain but when did a little exercise hurt anybody?, i just like to look good and so does my gf so that why we work out. To get good bodies! :)

** edit ** sorry ima bloke i had no right to post on here. Ignore my last post. >_<
You are totally right chrisrob we should all be totally comfortable in our skins and I wish we were. However, Andy is right, we humans have seemingly always been quite vain about our appearance and in recent times it has escalated ridiculously.

I just wouldn't want to be seen in the buff. I am not ashamed of my body and would never undergo any cosmetic procedures. However, I think I look far better dressed and looking nice gives me confidence.

I actually don't think anybody looks nice undressed, even those with super bodies look better with some bits covered up. I am not a prude at all, I just think some bits of us are quite ugly.

And to be quite frank I think nude men look quite vulnerable and somewhat amusing.

But each to his own, and I can understand the freedom you enjoy by removing your clothes.
think if i was naked on a beach i would have more to worry about than bat wings .
LOL at sleepyJ. What puts me off to is where the sand might end up!!
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Thanks for your thoughts. My wife actually enjoys sunbathing and swimming naked and used to do it a lot before I came along a few years ago - so there is no way I'm "persuading" her. She didn't feel at all self conscious on our naturist holiday because everyone else has their own "body faults".
I, and probably most others who are naturist by inclination, whilst I can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a body, see past it at the person beneath. I think it is so wrong we are constantly being bombarded with what we are told we should look like.
Prangy. My wife isn't fat. She used to do a lot of swimming when younger and the skin stretched over the muscles she developed then. Her arms are actually quite normal when compared to 90% of the female population.
Fair enough, but you cans till cut that under arm flab back by working out regularly, im sorry its harsh but is is true.

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