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Is 24 "jumping the shark"?

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littleoldme | 19:10 Sat 10th Jan 2009 | TV
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I don't want to spoil a major plot surprise for those who don't yet know, so I'll continue this as the first answer.


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I'm a huge fan of 24, but I'm a bit worried by the news that long-time character Tony Almeida, who regular fans will remember seeing being killed in Season 5, is to rise from the dead and return in Season one of the bad guys!

Does anyone feel this is a twist plot development too far? What next, Bill Buchanan turning out to be an alien cyborg? Chloe O'Brian no longer having a face like a wet weekend in Barnsley?

In Season 8 it will be revealed that it was all a dream.
Oo-er I love 24.

How do you know that jno?
Question Author
Blimey, jno. How very...erm...Dallas of them. Still, as corny as that is, I guess it makes more sense than a resurrection and conversion to The Dark Side. ;O)
Jack has had a very stressful life so no wonder he is dreaming things like that or should I say what's to come!
I loved 24 when it first started, but tho I watched it when I could (don't have or want Sky) two things spoiled it.

Firstly, just how many incidents of exactly 24 hours can this guy have?

Secondly, the second series was set in the (then) near future, ditto for subsequent series, so by all accounts, the world of Jack is now well ahead of ours, and to me it doesn't ring true.

I used to buy the DVDS and watch them all in marathon sessions, but I'm not bothering now.
yeh i mean a black president? no ones gonna believe that!

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Is 24 "jumping the shark"?

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