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11:46 Fri 23rd Jul 2010 |

Dune is an epic science fiction film. It is based on the Hugo award winning series of books by the renowned fiction writer Frank Herbert and also inspired a sequel and TV miniseries as well as more books by other authors after Herbert’s death plus a series of video games. The film was directed by David Lynch.

The film is considered one of the all time greatest science fiction masterpieces. Audiences loved this film, those who had read the books and those who had not. It has a long and involved story which the books give plenty of time to and some viewers found the film slightly compressed. However, the grandeur of the settings and the sheer scope give the film it’s much deserved cult status. The detail of the plots and subplots keep the viewer entertained and draw you in until you are almost living in the world of the characters.

The film is sometimes considered a failure due to the sheer impossibility of putting all the relevant information in the books into three hours, however, most fans will agree that it is worth watching again and again as there are more nuances and subplots every time.

Set in the far future of humanity the most precious commodity is the drug Spice which expands consciousness and extends life, it is also essential for space travel as it allows users to ‘fold space’. The planet Arrakis is the only place in the universe where the drug can be found and is ruled by the Atreides family. The story follows the political machinations involved in control of the planet and the Spice production.

Cinema release 1984

Certificate 15

Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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