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Films For Boys Under Five

11:25 Fri 09th Jul 2010 |

Boys will be boys as the saying goes and that could not be truer of boys under five. Often they are interested only in things that they can pull apart or that will make a noise or that they can hit with a hammer. They are our little men and already they are assuming the role of man about the house by helping dad put up shelves or gardening. This is great for them as it gives them a sense of purpose and responsibility and what better role model than their Dad.

Little boys can be very demanding when it comes to their film viewing and if they are not entertained they will often give up. This means that when picking a film for your young prince it is vital that their attention is caught otherwise they will be off and hammering something while you back is turned. So the film must have action and a believable hero who they can identify with.

Here is a top ten of films your little man will love:

Monsters Inc.

A story that tells it like it really is. Where do the monsters in the cupboard come from? This will be a firm favourite with boys who love monsters.

The Incredibles

Who would not want their family to be like the Parrs? With superhero parents and children fighting together to beat the forces of evil and still time to do your homework.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

We have all wished that we were special and that we really didn’t belong to the family we live with. Boys who love magic and want to be a wizard when they grow up will watch this film again and again.


Boys and cars, enough said.

Finding Nemo

A brilliantly original story. Boys who love the sea will adore this film with its colourful fish characters and thrilling adventure.

Toy Story

This is what really happens to toys when children are not in the room. What boy does not love Cowboys and Indians? Plus a spaceman thrown in for nothing; a real gem.


A dog is a man’s (and boy’s) best friend, and what a great dog with superhero powers ... well maybe.

Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs

All little boys like dinosaurs and this film is one of the best to give them a fix.

Kung Fu Panda

For those boys who will grow up to love Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Kung Fu Panda is a great start.


Space films are a must for boys and they will love the intelligent robots that star in this epic.

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