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Fists Of Fury (The Big Boss)

11:55 Fri 09th Jul 2010 |

Fists of Fury is a Hong Kong martial arts film. It is also known as The Big Boss and is widely credited with spring boarding Bruce Lee’s career in Asia. This was his first major film and the lead was intended for James Tien but as Lee was a much stronger performer Tien was moved to second billing.

Although many viewers agreed the film was not one of Lee’s best it showed his amazing potential and gave a glimpse of the celluloid legend he was to become. That said, the action scenes are stunning and Lee’s acting is charming and he seems to fill the screen. Wei Lo (who also discovered Jackie Chan) directed the film and also co-wrote it with Bruce Lee.

Unusually for Lee his character spends most of the film actually avoiding fights but this is all the better as it builds the suspense to the final conflict. Many viewers found this lack of action made the pace of the film slow; however, they still enjoyed the action even when Lee was not participating.

Lee plays a poor factory worker who gets caught up in the drug trade at his place of work. He has vowed to his mother not to get into trouble and for most of the film does avoid any fighting. However, towards the end of the film he decides enough is enough and goes after The Big Boss to take revenge.

Cinema release 1971

Certificate 18

Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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