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Kung Fu Hustle

11:55 Fri 09th Jul 2010 |

Kung Fu Hustle is an action comedy martial arts film. The film features the return of a number of retired actors famous for 1970’s Hong Kong action cinema and the lead is played by Stephen Chow. The film was a huge commercial success and revitalised the genre; a sequel is planned in 2012.

Kung Fu Hustle was an overwhelming success with audiences, even those who are not big fans of the kung fu genre, found much to enjoy. The, at times, bizarre mix of comedy and fighting plus the usual moral of be true to yourself and all will come good makes this film simply brilliant. In addition, there are quite a few excellent female characters especially the memorably fierce landlady.

Some viewers thought the idea of a kung fu comedy spoof uncomfortable but nevertheless found this film entertaining. With the likes of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung already making films of this type it should come as no surprise that comedy mixes so well with martial arts.

When gangsters attack a poor slum the residents are forced to defend themselves. Luckily the landlord and landlady of the slum turn out to be Kung Fu masters and the gangsters are easily defeated. The young hero, Sing, is trying to make his way as a criminal but fails and instead realises his destiny to be a natural born kung fu genius but can he help to save the day?

Cinema release 2004

Certificate 15

Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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