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Ong Bak

11:55 Fri 09th Jul 2010 |

Ong Bak is an all action Thai martial arts film. The film is seen as the making of Tony Jaa who was hailed as the next up and coming martial arts star. The film introduced international audiences to a traditional form of muay Thai, a kickboxing style which Jaa had been trained in since childhood.

Ong Bak was a huge success at the box office and audiences loved the different Thai kickboxing style of fighting. The beautifully choreographed and fast paced chase and combat scenes left many viewers breathless at the speed of the actors. Tony Jaa an unknown at the time performed all of his own stunts and there are no special effects or CGI enhancement, the film allowed him to showcase his extreme acrobatics and dancelike moves.

A sacred relic that brings good luck is stolen from a rural Thai village and Ting, a young man learned in the ways of muay Thai kickboxing, is sent to retrieve it. He is forbidden by the monks of the village to use his skills to harm others but soon realises that this may be impossible when he enters the big city on his quest. Ting meets his worldly wise cousin, George, and is subsequently drawn into a seedy underworld. Can he find and defeat the thief and get back to the village in time for the relic to restore the good luck?

Cinema release 2003

Certificate 18

Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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