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Sleepless in Seattle

12:25 Fri 09th Jul 2010 |

Sleepless in Seattle is one of the all time great romances. The film is based on a story by Jeff Arch and stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Featured throughout the film and especially the climax are clips and songs from ‘An Affair to Remember’ which is credited as the inspiration for Sleepless in Seattle.

Audiences young and old love this film. The chemistry between Hanks and Ryan is undeniable despite their actual on screen time together being minimal; this is born out of their frequent movie pairings. The settings of New York and Seattle are perfect for the story and are superbly filmed.

The more complex plot makes this more than just the standard chick flick and that makes it that much more grown up and probably goes a long way to explaining its popularity. Despite the slight plot stretching at the end the film is definitely a must see for all those romantics out there who believe there is someone for everyone somewhere.

A young boy seeing the pain of his recently bereaved father calls into a late night radio show searching for a woman for his dad. Ryan hears the show and is immediately struck by the tale. Her subsequent fascination, bordering on obsession, with the story eventually leads her to Seattle and an awkward encounter with Hanks. Fortunately, they sort themselves out get rid of superfluous lovers and manage to meet at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day.

Cinema release 1993

Certificate PG

Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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