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Snow White

09:55 Fri 09th Jul 2010 |

Snow White is a classic love story. The film is based on the old European fairytale collected by the Brothers Grimm. The Disney film was released more than 60 years ago and marked the start of the Disney franchise's huge success. The popularity of the film is partly due to the well written story and the then state of the art animation.

Audiences are still amazed at the quality of the picture even now. The film also includes a few songs such as the iconic ‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho’ the dwarves sing as the go to and from work in the mines. Many DVD and Blue Ray releases include special making of features and other extras such as commentary by Walt Disney himself which enhance the experience for both adults and children.

Snow White is of noble birth, pure of heart and the most beautiful girl in the land. However, her wicked step mother is jealous of her beauty and popularity and so forces Snow White into servitude. One day the step mother tells her huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her. He cannot bring himself to do this and leaves her there thinking the forests animals will do his job for him. However, Snow White makes friends with the animals and they lead her to a small cottage where the seven dwarves live.

Cinema release 1937

Certificate U

Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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