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Star Trek XI

11:37 Wed 30th Jun 2010 |


Star Trek XI is the one of the greatest Sci-fi films of recent years. The film has become the highest-grossing in the Star Trek series and is credited by the media as a reboot of the series. Leonard Nimoy stars as an alternate version of himself which gives the film tremendous credibility.

This is a surprisingly fantastic film even for die hard trekkies. It has all the great qualities of the series, the relationships between the main characters and the complicated twisting plot but it also has a refreshing feel with the new actors playing our favourite roles. Of course the CGI scenes are visually stunning but also the intimate shots between actors also exquisitely captures the emotions and nuances of the characters.

The cast of relative unknowns is surprisingly strong and you can feel the chemistry is building already. Captain Kirk is dynamically played by Chris Pine (Six Feet Under), Zachary Quinto (Heroes) is a dark but logical Spock, Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy is Karl Urban (Out Of The Blue) and Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott is played by Simon Pegg (Run Fatboy Run).

The film is a prequel of the original TV series and gives one version of how the crew of the Enterprise meet and are drawn together. It explains much about their relationships and the history between the characters which is great for true trekkies.

Cinema Release 2009
Certificate 12
Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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