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15:55 Wed 23rd Jun 2010 |

Supernatural is a horror drama series. The show was created by Eric Kripke and follows two brothers who are embroiled in the world of demon hunting and the paranormal. Starring Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) as the two main characters the relationship between the brothers is also explored.

The two lead actors have great on screen chemistry that makes them such a likeable pair, be it humorously bickering, standing side by side or becoming more and more confrontational, the two play off each other very well. The lore behind the supernatural seems well researched which definitely adds credibility.

Dean and Sam Winchester are two brothers with a special talent. Well-versed in the supernatural after their father became convinced that their mother was captured by unholy spirits, Dean and Sam dedicated their young lives to hunting down these otherworldly terrors. But adulthood saw Sam drift away from these preternatural activities, instead choosing to settle down in a life of domestic bliss with his girlfriend. But when the Winchesters' dad goes missing, both Dean and Sam know what they have to do, leading to some epic cross-country trips as the brothers try to find their father.

First aired on US TV 2005

Certificate 15

Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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