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The Raiders Of The Lost Ark

14:17 Fri 23rd Jul 2010 |

The Raiders Of The Lost Ark is one of the all time greatest action adventure films. Directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by George Lucas the film is the first in a series which follows the adventures of Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford, as an all action archaeologist. The film won four Academy Awards for Art Direction, Film Editing, Sound and Visual Effects.

The film was a huge box office hit and received highly positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike. The special effects and elaborately constructed sets gave the film the depth and realism that perhaps the slightly flimsy plot lacked.

However, undoubtedly the outstanding performance of Harrison Ford as the rugged but still handsome archaeology professor turned adventurer was the major reason for the films massive success. The nonstop action sequences left audiences breathless and wanting more, how much trouble could one guy get into? But Jones always managed to wriggle his way out of any situation and come out on top and of course, he gets the girl in the end.

Jones is an archaeologist at heart and seeks to find rare treasures so they can be preserved properly for posterity. However, he becomes embroiled in a Nazi plot to recover the Ark of the Covenant; supposedly the box Moses put the tablets with the Ten Commandments. Jones encounters his arch nemesis Belloq working for the Germans and also an ex girlfriend along the way as he races to find and rescue the box first.

Cinema release 1981

Certificate PG

Available on DVD

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