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When is the next Bond movie released

01:00 Mon 31st Dec 2001 |

A.� A release date has been locked in for November 29 2002, which conveniently marks the 40th anniversary of the series, and Bond producers Eon have struck a deal with Uk actors' union Equity, to avoid the possible actors strike next year. Production is due to begin on the film on January 13 at Pinewood Studios

Q.� Is Pierce Brosnan playing Bond

A.� Brosnan is contracted for four films, with Bond 20 being the last. He has appeared in the last three films, mostly recently two years ago. There has been much speculation about possible replacements, including Clive Owen, Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler.

Halle Berry, fresh from the success of Swordfish, is being tipped to play the beautiful villain Jinx, and everyone from Kevin Spacey, Arnold Vosloo to Billy Bob Thornton has been suggested for the cast.

John Cleese, ex-Basil Fawlty, has confirmed he will take over the role of Q, after the tragic accident in 1999 in which veteran thespian Desmond Llewellyn was killed. Dame Judi Dench has confirmed she will play M again. The British actress Rosamund Pike will cross swords with James Bond again as the villanious Gala Brand.

Q.� Who is directing the film - and what's is called

A.� New Zealander Lee Tamohori is the director this time round. He is best known to movie-goers for putting Sir Anthony Hopkins up against a bear in The Edge. He has also directed Mulholland Falls, Along Came A Spider, and made his debut with Once Were Warriors.

The industry released details of the film and said it would be called Beyond The Ice. That name has since been dismissed and discussions are continuing. The official James Bond website says the film will be called The Man With The Red Tattoo, based on Raymond Benson's novel. Script-wise, rumoured developments have included a flashback to the murder of James' parents and various IRA splinter groups working around the world.

There was also a casting call for Korean actors to play military officers on a revenge crusade against Bond. The script� is written by The World is Not Enough duo Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Locations considered are said to include Iceland for stunts involving an iceberg, aimed at topping the dam bungee jumping incident in GoldenEye.

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by Katharine MacColl

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