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12:16 Fri 23rd Jul 2010 |

Willow is a fantasy adventure film. Directed by Ron Howard and produced and co written by George Lucas the idea for the film was conceived by Lucas in 1972. The cast includes Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Warwick Davis and Jean Marsh. The film follows a young Halfling farmer on his quest to protect a baby from an evil Queen.

The film was not a huge success at the box office and critics were mixed. Many found it difficult to fault Lucas after his brilliant Star Wars trilogy and Raiders of the Lost Ark, but they found the fantasy themes in the film were too clichéd. However, audiences loved it and found it entertaining for both children and adults alike. As a result Willow has now achieved the cult status it deserves.

Viewers loved the little person underdog lead character and Lucas commented that his films often portray a little guy going against the system and that this film was simply a more literal translation of the idea. The special effects may look a little dated at the time but nonetheless still compliment the story perfectly.

A baby is born with the mark of prophecy and is secretly hidden by the midwife with a group of Halfling people. Willow is the Halfling farmer and aspiring sorcerer who takes responsibility for the baby and so almost accidentally begins a quest to bring the baby to a safe home, encountering magical creatures both good and evil along the way.

Cinema release 1988

Certificate PG

Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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