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Summons For Not Having Sufficient Insurance..... Is There A Time Limit?

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vikki83 | 23:14 Sun 14th Jan 2007 | Cars
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I was pulled over at the end of September for speeding and was given a document producer to be completed at my local police station within 14 days.

I went to my local police station and produced the documents and at this point I was advised that my Insurance policy didn't cover me as I was driving my dads car. Although I have fully comp insurance due to the fact I am only 23 I have since found out that my policy doesnt cover me until im 25.

The police took a copy of all my documents and I signed a declaration stating I a thought I was insured. I was then advised that this would be reported to the officer who issued me the document producer.

It has been three months now and I have heard nothing since, no letter, no phone call, no visits.

Is there a time scale to when the police can issue me with a summons to go to court or an be issued with an insurance conviction? I have heard it is 6 months but elsewhere I have heard it can be anything upto 3 years!

Any help would be appreciated.

I know this story sounds a bad one but I genuinely thought my fully comp insurance covered me. There is no excuse to me speeding in the first place though and it has been an uphill struggle to stop over the last few months.... couldnt bear to lose my license, i love driving too much!


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It is 6 months for speeding fine notification.

I wouldnt worry to much I was cationed for having my insurance in my maiden name, when i had to do a producers which made mine invailed, and the same was said to me that they would need to speak to the person who issuing officer all because a light was out.

I worried for three months like you and in the end i contacted the police station and asked the question if any further action was going to be taken. at least you will know one way or ther other.

a bit of info for you

If the police already know you are the driver and you have been told that you will be reported, or if information has been given to the effect that you were the driver at the material time, then you will usually receive an offer of a fixed penalty. If you accept this, you will be fined �60 and your licence will be endorsed with 3 penalty points.

In more serious cases or, if you fall foul of the totting up procedure, the fixed penalty procedure will not apply. You will simply receive a summons which the police must apply for within 6 months of the date that it was known to them that you were the driver. This will tell you when your case will be in court.

If you plead guilty to, or are found guilty of a speeding offence, the Court has an unfettered power to disqualify you, fine you up to certain limits, and order you to pay prosecution costs. Points are awarded on a sliding scale between 3 and 6 penalty points � the higher the speed the greater the number of points that you will receive.If you want to know more about totting up or the penalty points system generally, please go to the section on penalty points.

I hope all goes well and the info helps you a bit
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Hi fist have you checked that you are not insured ? my son is TPFT on a old rover 420 and his insurance states that the Policy older may driver other vehicles T/Party only with the owner concent.
There in no age limatations stated,
Does your insurance cert state that the policy holder may driver other vehicles ?

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Summons For Not Having Sufficient Insurance..... Is There A Time Limit?

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