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Intended prosecution notice period

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Howcoulditbe | 00:58 Mon 17th Dec 2007 | Cars
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I just got stopped for no seatbelt and when they did a person check it churned out that I had a 'pending' from 2004. When I asked the PC further, they advised me i had a case pending for driving with no insurance since 2004. Today (Dec 07) is the first im hearing about it, I've never had any communication or ever been stopped for no insurance!

How could i have this case against me? i know its a serious offence so surely they would have prosecuted me by now if they were going to? Don't they have set periods in which they need ot inform you of intended prosecution by?

Any advice would be much welcomed until I can get a copy of my file from the police under the DPA rules (as advised by the pc who stopped me) and consult my lawyer!


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Please don't tell me that you don't know whether you were insured to drive or not. If you really don't know then you are probably too stupid to be let loose on the road.

It's interesting that in your post you never mention the fact that you did indeed have insurance for that period. That suggests your guilt to me.

I would suggest that you take your punishment and get insurance for future motoring.
"Summary" offences (of which driving with no insurance is one) have to be brought before a court within six months of the matter being drawn to the attention of the police.

There is no possibility that you can now be successfully prosecuted for an offence which took place in 2004.
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Thanks judge, appreciate the speedy answer!
seems to be more and more jokers joining this site
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LUCY i have never driven without insurance so u can get off ur high horse and stop making assumptions!

The fact i said that I wasnt ever stopped for no insurance, I thought made my position v clear! Obv not to some!
The only thing it tells me is that you have never been caught without insurance. It doesn't say you have any.
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lucy i confirm i have and have always had insurance!

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Intended prosecution notice period

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