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Motorhome washing

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stardelta | 16:19 Thu 12th Aug 2010 | Other Vehicles
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Hi there

Could any motorhome or large van owners advise on how to clean the roof of their vehicles.
I can reach so far across the width of our motorhome but the middle section is very difficult.
Are there special "car washes" for larger vehicles ?



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If you have in your are a Range store, go into the car Mats/ polish area amongst that are you will find an Extension window Brush with a water hose connection that will cure your problem ( I valet car / Large vans in my spare time so I purchased one of these, they work well.
Just to add, they are £12>> £13 to bye.
If you are anywhere near the M6/M56 junction, take it into Lymm Truckstop. There is a 5 lane truck wash there that will handle it.
we have a caravan and himself uses a step ladder.

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Motorhome washing

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