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Motorhispania regulator / rectifier

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flump1 | 22:20 Tue 24th Aug 2010 | Other Vehicles
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Hi all, Mr Flump has been and bought himself a motorhispania 50 cc bike to cavort about on , however it has fought him all the way with its renovation. Now the stumbling block is the regulator/rectifier thingy do dah and it is causing much anguish ......headaches.....we have trawled the web and have located just one of these blooming things to find it out of stock. We are now nearing our wits end, does anyone know of a dealer new or used that may have one of these elusive blooming things to mend his bike ? regards,


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I've just taken a look at the Motor Hispania website. Their UK distributor is Imp UK Ltd. They might be able to help you. You can email them at [email protected] or phone them on 01226 202299.

Alternatively you can track down all of the dealers who Imp UK supply Motor Hispania bikes to by using the search facility here:
(Enter your nearest town and then set the distance to, say, 500 miles. That will provide you with a complete list of dealers across the whole country, ranked with the nearest to you first).

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Chris thank you for your reply, that was my first port of call , unfortunately to no avail. The nearest dealer to me does not carry motorhispania stock.... not even mail order, and trying to locate this part is proving wearisome. ! However I will take your advice and call in the morning, thanks again,
the flumps
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Chris, he rang them this morning and the part is being despatched forthwith, many thanks,

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Motorhispania regulator / rectifier

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