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reported for driving without due care and attension

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paul25601 | 23:51 Tue 31st May 2011 | Motoring
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hi all, tonight i have been reported for driving without due care and attension aswel as 6 other drivers. here what happened, driving down a road saw a sign saying road ahead closed, so carried on driving past it as the cars infrond did, further down the road there was another sight saying police incident road closed, all the other cars went around so i did, then saw some police lights so i started to turn around and a police man screamed at me what are you doing and made us all line up, took details and told me i was been reported for driving whenout due care and attension and so was every1 else, i said i dont understand the charge and he said whats there not to understand. i am not from the area and do not no the roads.

i dont think il plead guilty

heres my case.

saw the first sighn saying road ahead closed, carried on as i needed access to an emercancy responce alarm activation and my turn off was further down the road,
did not see the second sighn as a van was parked infront of it, went around the van as did the car infront of me and several cars behind, saw police lights and began turning round but was stopped by police. the officer that reported me said my college has told me to report you for driving without due care and attension, i said i dont understand the charge, he said whats ther not to understand, i asked further questions and he said ul get something threw the post probibly a written warning, ask the the other police office and he said he was putting his case to the cps.

he advised me lots of cars had done it but not he was getting fed up of it.

the road was open to cars the other way.

the was a sighn on the other side of the road that said road closed between future dates due to road works,

i also took photos of the sighns and at the time of taking photos a car was parked infront of 1 of them.

any advice? do you think i have a case?


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as I read it, the first sign just said "slow", which paul obeyed, and the second was hidden. On that basis I'd plead not guilty.
17:12 Wed 01st Jun 2011
nowhere does it mention 'slow' signs jno, so not sure how you read it that fact the word slow is not even written at all

paul - how is the fact that you didnt know the roads well even relevant here?
With respect,don,t waste your time anymore.
You are "bang to rights" on this charge.The fact that you were attending an alarm call,
is no defence.
Police officers have been prosecuted and found guilty after having accidents attending alarm calls.
In light of this,your chances are pretty slim even non-exsistent.
Whats it like being a lemming? You are guilty - accept the minimum and bail out! They will just lard it on in court £ wise - plus costs etc
I have long held the view that an intelligence test should be an integral part of the driving test. Paul25601's diatribe has done absolutely nothing to change my view.
joko, have a look at paul's last post.

"i saw a sign saying caution road closed ahead, incident slow"

If that was the wording, 'slow' does not mean 'stop'.
Seems a bit suspicious to me! Curiously there were police available to book the drivers but none available to assist and advise them when confronted by such signs. The sort of trick Boss Hogg and Roscoe P Coltrane used to pull in Hazzard County.
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how long do they have to tell me if im been charged or not, still have not heard anything lol

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reported for driving without due care and attension

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