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TWR | 10:46 Wed 22nd Jun 2011 | Motoring
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I think the majority of replies off this section get it right, I cannot understand why, when someone asks the site for advise "AFTER" they have paid to get the work done, a lot on here are not time served but over the years picked up their knowledge by, as youngsters do indulge in car maintenance, we have all made mistakes in their assumption of diagnostics of cars problems but we lean by someone Else's is mistakes, that life, the purpose of the post? if you have a problem, don't go straight to your cars dealer & certainly do not go to the renowned rip off merchants K.F. as they will find problems even if you go there to get a bulb changed they will tell you that the car needs wiper blades or even a service, I'm not knocking the work staff it's the way they have been told to try and get trade, it only takes a min to ask advise, this few Min's will I'm sure help save you an awful lot of money.


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its a shame the help does not extend to coming out and doing the repair as well ;)
Question Author
Why don't you ask? you never know without asking Cazzz
It's always nice to get some feedback after giving advice. If the problem is solved it's nice to know what the cure was.
TWR I've always respected your views, but I must beg to differ with you about Kwik Fit. I've used them many, many times and have never been 'ripped off' or told I need unnecessary work doing. If I ask for a brake check they always show me the problem if there is one, or tell me things are OK. I agree they do push their tyre sales a bit but that's all in my experience.

Their 'Oil Service' is unbeatable: Oil and filter change, all fluids topped up, all tyre pressures checked ( including spare) all lights, wipers, controls checked including battery charge etc etc. All for about £30. Takes half an hour to complete, with a signed check list with advisories. I've never been told I need anything that I don't need.

I'd welcome other people's experiences on this.


D By the way, I agree with the rest of your post !!
Question Author
Derek, if you look back on quite a few posters that have been on here and stated they have been to K.F. & have been ripped off, had jobs done that did not need doing, there has been quite a few, you must have been very lucky or, they K.F. could see that you are a person that would question what the try and tell you! am I correct?
You have a point TWR. I'm not an expert - just someone who has done a lot of DIY car maintenance and yes, I would ask questions.

But here's another example of goodwill from my local KF. They MOT'd my Polo last year and one of the welded exhaust brackets had broken. They fixed it with an exhaust clamp then showed me what they had done. No failed MOT and no charge !
Question Author
Well I must say, that depot must be a one off.
Morning all,

I'd like to add my experience of K.F.

This was about 10 years ago, I was on my own and me being a female, I reckon they saw me coming.
I took my car in for an MOT and the mechanic said you go shopping for about 1 hour and come back. When I got back they showed my my tyre which was bulging and exhaust which was slightly rusty underneath.

Me being so gullible in the past I ended up paying over £450!! I have NEVER ever been back to them and will never ever go back.

Now I always use my local friendly garage, they always do a very good job at very good rates.
450 quid for an MOT, new tyre and exhaust ? There must have been more work done than that, surely ? And KF always give you a price before doing the work - so you could have gone somewhere else, couldn't you ?

I've not been ripped off by KF but they did make a dog's breakfast of the oil change on my Chevette years ago by kinking the seal. Then years later they didn't balance the wheels properly on my Astra and when I complained they said it was because my steering was worn. It wasn't and when the supervisor redid the work it was fine. It wasn't the bad work that annoyed me, anyone can make a mistake, it was the dismissive attitude that gave me the hump.

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