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The old cafe on the A52 Nottingham to Skegness

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couchpot123 | 02:24 Sun 10th Jul 2011 | Motoring
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Does anyone remember where the cafe/ coach stop on the way to skegness was? It used to be a long building, painted black and used by lorries and coaches (especially for toilet breaks), about halfway to skegness from nottingham. It used to be popular in the 60's & early 70's, but I've not found it since. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


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Are you talking about the one that used to be on the A1 near Worksop?
it is on the road from Newark to Lincoln, just near RAF Swinderby there is a large Pub and Restaurant called The Dovecot, it has a white dovecot in the front of it near the road
I used to do the Notts area ending up on the 52 to Lincoln then heading to Norfolk, I cannot seem to remember the one you state. tr typing in Old Transport cafes from Nottingham to Skeg & see what comes up. Good Luck.
Is it something like this?:,50.63,,0,5.59

If not, you could follow the road along all the way on Street View and may recognise something near it.
do you mean the a17 ?

perhaps it was one of the ones at fleet hargate ? (anglia motel)

or further along there is a long bungalow that is now a hand car wash.
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Thank you all, but it was definitely on the A52 on the way to skegness, As far as I can remember, when you turned off; the car park and cafe seemed to be lower than the road and in a belt of trees

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The old cafe on the A52 Nottingham to Skegness

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