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HELP URGENT Wiring diagram

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firewatch | 00:22 Tue 08th Nov 2011 | Motoring
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HELP need a FULL wiring diagram for a E46 BMW/330 diesel car our friend has a short circuit in the system but has no clue where to find a wiring diagram as the car came with no instruction/owners manual.
Please please please if any one has one or knows where we can find one please answer this question.
Mucho thanks in advancex


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going to have to buy a workshop manual...
Question Author
ok thinking its going to have to be towed any way as its a non starter :(
You can loan one from your local library, whats the problem & how did the problem start? If you give some sort of info you may get a resolving answer Fire. The E46 is simular to the E36.
Question Author
he fixed an issue then took it for a test drive and the whole engine shut down on him. there is a fuse popping on the system each time the go to test it. a friend is coming today who has better knowledge of the electronics on this car
It seems the issue he fixed is the cause of the problem! Alarm or immobiliser mabey?
Alternator connections?

BMW's don't just get a short in the wiring ..
He has trapped a cable under something or connected something incorrectly .. (or not at all)
Question Author
turned out whilst tinkering he had put a wire to close to something which ran hot which in turned melted the wire and shorted the system. One former BMW mechanic (who specilises in electronics) later and four hours of ferrying bacon buttys and cups of tea problem fixed and car running like a dream!xx

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HELP URGENT Wiring diagram

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