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Drink Driving Myths

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AB Editor | 16:32 Fri 02nd Dec 2011 | Motoring
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  • Eating a big meal soaks up the alcohol - 77 votes
  • 53%
  • Coffee/fresh air/throwing up will sober me up and I'll be fine - 33 votes
  • 23%
  • If I feel fine in the morning I'm not over the limit - 30 votes
  • 21%
  • The police don't really pull people over for drink driving - 4 votes
  • 3%

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I thought the headline read 'Drink Driving METHS' - and I haven't even had one!
Don't think I've ever heard any of them.
No, ive not heard anyone come out with any of those pitiful excuses either, which is fortunate for them, as I'd go mental.
Same here really.
Can't say I've ever heard D.

i have heard, 2 pints os ok its not over the limit

and my fave, if i drink bottles of bud i'll be fine as its less liquid than a pint of carling
I've heard of A and C but not D and B.
Heard someone say B before.......wrong!....alcohol stays in your
bloodstream/system for hours after you've been drinking........get a cab, a bus, a train or walk.

I also heard some advice that says that a glass of milk before you go out drinking helps absorb the alcohol and prevents you feeling too drunk and sick.

I think that may be right. :0)
What about the "drinking a pint of full fat milk beforehand" one?
You won't get caught if doing it standing up. At least I think that's drink driving....
I must say I don't think I've heard any of those lately! I do know a guy who thinks sucking a copper coin will help!

I think that was more to do with not getting a hangover tigger
Oh ok. I seem to confused myself (not unusual for me).
Ah ! The 'milk lines your stomach' one I have heard. But not related to driving. My father used to think it helped prevent the beer starting his ulcer up. Oh and I suppose it depends on what you drink but I have experience that 2 pints can be under the limit.
Unless you way about 4 stone 2 pints will be no where near the limit.
A colleague of mine got banned after drinking 2 pints Kayless
I've heard the 2nd and 3rd one but never in relation to drink driving; just drinking in general; although I wouldn't say food 'soaks up' alcohol I would believe that you get more drunk more quickly on an empty stomach, is that not true?
I suspect he may have told you he had 2 pints.

Play around with this, the legal limit is 80mg in 100ml blood, that's 0.08% BAC

I put in 100kg man, 2 pints 5% lager in 2 hours and it cam back as 0.039. the same guy would have to drink 4 pints of stella in 2 hours to be over the limit.


The point here is that the legal limit is far to high, you can drink a surprising amount and still be legal aklthough probably incapabale.
I know that 2 is true if you drink a pint of milk with the meal.
Often heard of the 'eating a big meal' one ! Also drinking a pint of water to each pint of alcohol one has consumed will sober you up quickly before you go to sleep.

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Drink Driving Myths

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