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Car Maintenance Basics

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AB Editor | 08:39 Thu 29th Mar 2012 | Motoring
29 Answers

Car Maintainence Basics

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  • Not a lot, I get/pay someone else to do basic maintenance tasks - 77 votes
  • 46%
  • I do the basics such as changing the oil and wiper blades - 58 votes
  • 35%
  • I'd like to do the basics myself so I can save money on car maintenance but don't really know how - 32 votes
  • 19%

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I can check the oil and stuff but wouldn't want to change it. I would be too scared incase I muck it up!!
I'm with Ummmm. I put petrol in.
There also seem to be some on here who are like a girl I once knew. She went to the garage and asked for a longer dip stick as the one she had would not reach down to the oil !
I'm not that bad Eddie! If someone showed me I could do it. My dad can and used to do it but he's just lazy now! :-)
I think people would consider changing he oil more than basic, topping up levels is basic.
I have rebuilt whole cars, engines, distributors, carburettors, replaced universal joints, ball joints, shackle bushes, recored radiators, done extensive rust repairs (with welded metal) and panel beating (with hammers and dollies), repainted cars, welded fuel tanks, changed tyres (tyre on rim, not simply change the wheel with the tyre already fitted) and many other tasks.

I taught myself all these skills but these days I pay to get the work done because I have better things to do.
My car gets an annual service. However, I have recently applied to go on a counci-run car maintenance course so hopefully sometime in the future I will know what I'm doing!
This poll doesn't have enough answers to choose from. What about people like us who do all our own work on the car? (Except where a lift is needed, which we don't have.)
I can fill the washer bottle and dip the oil, and that's it really!........anything else goes wrong I am screaming for my AA man!........he's wonderful!.....sorted!

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