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Fantasy race circuit fun.

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Answerprancer | 03:08 Thu 19th Jul 2012 | Motoring
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If you could take your car to a circuit (or 'other' road) anywhere in the world to drive around all on your own, no speed limits, no other road users for as long as it took to put a smile on your face, where would you go andy why ?

Me: Ehra Lessien, because it has a five-mile long straight straight where James May 'maxed' the Bugatti Veyron SS and I'd like to see how my little buggy does on it !


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..not sure how "andy" entered into this but wt f !
-- answer removed --
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You forgot the picnic hamper and the lashings of ginger beer ;-)
has to be here,

Brooklands (alas they'd have to rebuild it) in a 30's racing car

Don't tell my life insurance people
Id like to have a go on Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps or Laguna Seca in a Aston DBR9.
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I love Brooklands, it's somewhere I visit regularly, it's a great shame the entire track wasn't preserved. The remaining sections are extremely atmospheric.
Laguna Seca, in my newly repaired(today! yeha) 300zx. I'd show Clarkson how to do the corkscrew!
I would have liked to max out an LMP car down the Mulsanne STRAIGHT at Le Mans (Before they added the dual chicanes).

Or, Mount Panorama - the home of the mighty Bathurst 1000, in one of the V8 Supercars

Elvington airfield near York, in a jet car.
Oh..No..Richard Hammond already did it.
I quite fancy Le Mans in one of those cars myself, failing that, Nurburgring or the Isle of Man on a high powered bike of some sort.
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I wouldn't recommend a repeat of that Mr Zappa !
It could have been me. I just can't remember :-((
Wouldn't mind having a go on the F1 course at Monaco either.

I've just realised you said "your car" I wouldn't really want to track my car in case I damaged it, although I wouldn't mind trying a top speed run somewhere to see if it will do it's claimed top speed.
I'm with you on that Answerprancer, I'd just want to take my car on a nice long straight and hold max speed for a minute or two. Then I'd like to do the same with a Rotax Max kart having optimised the gearing for maximum speed, something you can never achieve at a circuit.
Spa in my old Ka would be fun!! Haha!
^ slowest lap of spa ever. :)
Haha! Maybe just!! I actually miss my Ka!
Question Author
"Spa"? Leamington ?
Sorry... Spa Francorchamps in Belgium.

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Fantasy race circuit fun.

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