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Paying Cash For A Car...

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clipclop1 | 09:48 Fri 05th Jul 2013 | Motoring
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When paying cash how much could we expect to knock off the original price of a used car???


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Depends on the car in question and if it's from a garage or private sale.
Depends on how keen the opening offer price is.
It all depends on the price of the car if paid by finance/cheque. If a car is £5000 I'd say you could quite easily knock off £200 - £250.

What car is it and how much are they asking?
It's not all about the vehicle in question either, it's down to the 'sales person' and yourself. A good tip is, take the full asking amount and take about £400 out of it and put it in a different pocket. Tell them you will give them £x - £400 and if they bork at that you can just slowly go up, making sure though that they don't see what you have exactly
If you can take the cash and let them see it (if safe to do so) then this will make the sale a lot easier and get you the car for a lot cheaper than the original asking price.
i paid cash for car at a dealer £7250 & got absolutely nothing off the price, apart from a groan as it was a pain to bank it on Saturday.
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Question Author
Thanks for all the helpful answers!!
We haven't got a car in mind yet but are possibly looking at spending around £4k from a dealership. Just wasn't sure what kind of amount was cheeky or downright stupid!
webuyanycar EEEEEP don't talk to me about them. My mum put her REG in there for her Aston Martin DB7 and they offered her £3800, the bloody car was sold for £14,800, and she gave it away at that!
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Buying from a dealership you may not get any discount at all - they make good money from flogging finance.

If that happens haggle for the discount and buy the car on finance but pay it off in full within a fortnight - you have a legal right to do that without paying any penalty.
"Just wasn't sure what kind of amount was cheeky or downright stupid!"

They'll soon let you know, but (assuming its a decent car with no issues after a test drive and you kinda know market value is about right) I would start at 25% off the stated price then see where you can go from there - hopefully getting the dealer down.
Clipclop, If you're buying from a dealership and they won't budge on the price, go for as many extras as you can, full tank of fuel etc
Go and find the car you want for between 4-4750, ask for their chepaest price, then tell them you have 4 k, hang around for 5 mins while they whine then walk out of the door. I guarantee they chase you out, getting ever closer to 4k when they say 4200 say 4100 that's the lot and keep walking. Believe me they bought it for 2500 any way. On the other hand go to BCA and get a 7k car for 4k
they'll budge when they realise you are not a "face"
You need a car, there are lots out there.

They need your money, you have the ace card.

Do not buy in haste, you will pay the price.

Do your homework before you bye.

No use crying after you have signed your money away.

If you can not get the discount you want.

Simple answer, Walk away.

Take a mechanic with you, unless you know what you are looking for?

the garages are full of car, each make varies with price.

Take a look at Auto trader, that will give you an idea on price.

you have asked for advice on the car section, advice has been given.

Too many garages, too many cars to be seen.

You have the Money, the ace cards in your hand.

DO NOT BYE the car in Wet weather, it hides a lot of marks.
BUY, not bye

Unless that is a play on words that I've missed, TWR
hc, at first I thought it was a poem
I would start with 15% off, or even 20%
Elvis, I thought it was rap :D

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Paying Cash For A Car...

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