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Peugeot Sport Hdi 1.6 And Gti Hdi 1.6 Whats The Difference?

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RAV1D | 11:29 Sat 06th Dec 2014 | Motoring
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I am trying to find out the difference between a peugeot 206 hdi sport 1.6 turbo injection 2005 110bhp and the gti 1.6 hdi 110bhp as the only difference seems to be the measurements of the body and the insurance group from looking it up on websites. the engine seems to be the same capacity 1560cc and miles per gallon are the same. yet the insurance group for the sport is 16 and gti is this some type of con? heres the sport info

heres the gti info


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The Spec of the car. ( H ) di 1.6 ( G) ti H di
Yes, probably the trim level inside the car. Check for radio upgrade/cruise control/electric mirrors and stuff like that between the models.

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Peugeot Sport Hdi 1.6 And Gti Hdi 1.6 Whats The Difference?

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