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Mercedes Identification

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wallis1007 | 20:42 Tue 24th Nov 2015 | Motoring
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Hi mercedes enthusiasts. I'm trying to identify a mercedes I have been asked to work on. it is a c230 on an 'H' reg (1990). What I need to know is would it be a w201, w202 or anything else. I can't seem to match it up with anything. Help would be appreciated.



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Does the info on Wikipedia help?
The C-class wasn't launched until 1993, so I can understand your confusion. If you do an online MOT check with the number plate and/or VIN, that may tell you.
Question Author
Thanks for your quick responses.

Buenchico. I had already seen that page but It dosen't match up with what I seem to have here. Probably to do with EV_solver's answer.

EV_solver. An mot check won't tell me if it's w201/2 or not.

I have searched the net before asking on here but can't match it with anything.

Still confused.
The w202 wasn't launched until 1993, so it's most likely to be a w201. This, as far as I know, was the only 2.3l Mercedes available then. The W124 E-class was also around in 1990 (I used to have one), but this didn't have a 2.3l model.
Question Author
Unless they did a w201 190 c230 I'm beginning to the guy who owns the car is a bit confused and it is actually an E230.

Shall try and find out more tomorrow.
C class was not made till 1993, I suspect you are referring to the forerunner, the 190 (W201) - See here:
possibly someone has stuck a C230 badge on it.
Question Author
TTT I think you are on the right track. Hopefully I shall be able to see the car soon. I was just hoping to get some bits on order to save some time on the job.
Question Author
Ok, turns out the car is a 230 ce w124, not a c class. The owner thought because it was a c class because there was a c in the name. Problem solved.
Thanks to those that helped. No wonder I seem to spend most of my life confused!!!

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Mercedes Identification

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