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Where To Do Phd In Automotive Journalism?

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prathapsobhan | 23:03 Wed 29th Jun 2016 | Motoring
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where to do Phd in Automotive Journalism?


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Somebody please tell me there's no such thing.
Well you could do an MA first to prepare you for it Zacs if you are interested
I'd rather give myself a Prince Albert.
100s of potential applicants, how many actual job positions?

Aren't recruiters just going to scoff at someone, waving a qualification at them, who lacks experience of driving unaffordable supercars?

An MA in *journalism* would do no harm and allow the holder to move on to general news reporting when cars become electric, driverless, robotic things or car magazines go broke, if that happens first.

Over-specialsed degrees always make me think they are little more than an income-stream for the university. At £9000 per year, per enrolment, they're a bit of an earner.
-- answer removed --

I think it's about time his mate turned up with an answer for him tbh.
Clarkson school of motering
Or even motoring

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Where To Do Phd In Automotive Journalism?

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