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Moving Mercedes Logo

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Khandro | 08:23 Fri 02nd Aug 2019 | Motoring
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In slow-moving traffic yesterday I was behind a new white Mercedes saloon. In the centre of the boot lid was the normal looking Mercedes logo; the chrome star within a circle, which to may amazement pivoted open for a few seconds & then closed again. Mrs Khandro next to me didn't see it & didn't believe me, & thinks I was hallucinating.
For the sake of my sanity, can someone please tell me it was true & tell me what is going on there?


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I think it houses the rear view camera, so presume it only functions when the vehicle is put in reverse.
You're not going mad, Khandro…

Question Author
Ahhh! thanks. The one in the video is hinged at the top & the one I saw was pivoted centrally, so the top of it went in & the bottom came out, but the principle is established & it probably is a camera, though why it opened in traffic is a mystery, he didn't reverse.
My sanity, such as it is, is restored anyway.
Maybe you got close enough to the merc to "worry" it and the camera opened up ready to capture your number plate and evidence for a rear-end collision.
Very James Bond!

Are you sure thats a camera in the video and not a gun?

The reverse camera on the new Golfs hides under the logo in the same way, I toyed with retro-fitting one to ours but they want £800 just for the fancy bit!
the emblem moves when you get into traffic because mercedes when you go down below a certain speed (probably 10 all the way to 25 miles) the cars cameras activate because when do you slow down? to get into a parking space and or to show the driver the cameras because i have a mercedes and the car when ever i get into traffic the cameras can be activated for me to use, as you metioned here when the car got into trrafic the logo popped out meaning that it opened it to show the driver the camera. One more thing is that the driver maybe saw u got too close in the middle mirror and decided to take a look back, the camera then pops out

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Moving Mercedes Logo

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