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Car Insurance & Dashcam

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JustABobIsMe | 20:06 Thu 07th Sep 2023 | Motoring
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Newbie would like some advice please, 2 fold.

My car insurance requires a dashcam. I went into the back of another car last week, fair bit of damage to my car, superficial on theirs.
Have checked my dashcam today (had to wait until I received an adaptor so I could view on my PC), & there's nothing there other than files from today & 3 from last year ! 2 folders, A & B. B is empty. So, 2 things.

Will my insurance throw out my claim as I don't have dashcam footage even though I'd say it my fault ?

Why are there no files before today (other than the earlier 3) ? I have never looked at anything on there, it's always said it recording whenever I've looked at it while driving, haven't touched any default settings.


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lack of dashcam footage will not affect your claim.
Question Author
That's reassuring ToraToraTora, thank you.
do you have a memory card in the DC? They only record a little without it.
Question Author
I do, 32GB. I checked the manual & says it should record on a 3-3½hrs loop. I had a quick look last week from the dashcam itself & was on there but found that really fiddly so ordered a card adaptor so it'd be easier to watch on the PC. Got that today but when I've looked at it the PC, folder DCMIB (from memory) is empty, DCIMA has quite a few files in but (apart from the 1st 3), they're all footage from today, nothing from yesterday, day before, so on !
if it records on a 3 hr loop. it will have overwritten last weeks stuff
thoroughly check all the folders sometimes it creates sub folders in other places.
also check the settings are set to do what you want.
Question Author
Don't know that I've done 3hrs driving since last week, but it doesn't even have yesterday's on there.
I did check, there were only 2 folders.
Tomorrow I'll try have a look from the dashcam again although I only jumped from the start of files, I never saw any footage. If there's hidden folders, I'll be able to skip through the files I guess.
Question Author
" I only jumped from the start of files, I never saw any footage."
Should say, I skipped backwards, saw thumbnails, but didn't try to play any footage.

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Car Insurance & Dashcam

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