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Key Card Changing Battery

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smurfchops | 11:46 Sun 15th Oct 2023 | Motoring
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Renault Kadjar.  The battery inside the key card is a CR2025.  Could I use a Duracell CR2032 battery instead?  Thanks all



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 I do not no for sure, but if it is the right size of battery Duracell should work, and they are a good make.

The last 2 digits of a CR battery indicate its height (thickness): a CR2025 is 2.5mm high, a CR2032 is 3.2mm high and may therefore be too thick to fit in the key card.

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Well it fits, and works, but"low key battery" is still appearing in the dashboard....

From this rather useful link, you will see that they should be interchangeable (given thickness isn't a problem). So, are you sure that the 2032 is "fresh" isn't old, which could mean it's not got that much power left?

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Key Card Changing Battery

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