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Hymie | 20:20 Fri 27th Oct 2023 | Motoring
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I’ve just received my annual vehicle insurance renewal quote after a year of no claims/accidents.

The increase is a staggering 67% - can anyone beat that?



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Shocking.  Just keep shopping around- it pays to do a bit of research- I just saved myself £ 400 a year.

yes, mine went down.  Plusi did it thru topcashback and got extra £40 off,

If anyone wants to join and you use my code you can get an extra £10 too



Yes, sadly.  OH's insurance (same car, no claims) went up by 70%.  Baffled.  Couldn't get anything cheaper either.

It seems that these newelectric cars are so very expensive to repair that the Ins. Cos. are covering themselves - that's what I was told anyway.

1500 cars were trashed in the Luton Airport car park fire, and God knows how many more in the recent flooding in Storm Babet. Fire and flood, very relevant to car insurance.

Mine went down by just over 18% last month - Aviva

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My car is not electric, it’s now over 12 years old and coming to the end of its life, once a repair exceeds its value.

My quote is for fully comp (which is sometimes cheaper than 3rd party fire & theft), obviously I’ll be shopping around for a better deal.

Mine was the same, been with Direct Line 20+ years and they would not budge.  Never claimed, no reason given.  I had shopped around every year but DL was always the cheapest for me.

Went to Tesco this year

My insurance is renewed in March so before the fire and floods.  My car is 14 years old

Hymie, neither is our car, and it's about 10 yrs. old & free of Road Tax because of  low emissions.  The rise is caused by insurance cos. covering themselves against all these hightly expensive electric cars, which are usually writen-off for almost any accidents because the batteries can't be repaired - or something like that.

A couple in the village sold both their cars recently and bought 1 new one --- the insurance for that is more than for the 2 combined was!

premium hike is due to your pestering and annoying the mods here Hymie

thinnk on that!

( this post is NOT crazier than the usual standard)

I had shopped around every year but DL was always the cheapest for me.

frankly DL were  awful - 90 mins wait time my record ( usually 30 - 60 for their telephone lines)

Ours doubled this year with Churchill.  We did have a hit while parked in the car park but we were not there at the time someone hit our car and drove off.  Did make a claim as we had protected no claims.  Didn't realise it would put our insurance up by so much.  As with direct line who own Chuchill they wouldn't budge.  We changed to LV for £100 less.  Still more than last year but with slightly better cover than we had with Churchill.




Ours has just almost doubled this year shocking rises now. Been with saga for years not anymore. Our house insurance was the same way up in price. 

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Sunak must be hoping that car insurance costs are excluded from the basket of goods and services that are used to calculate the annual rate of inflation – otherwise his pledge to half it is toast.

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