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Automatic Emergency Alert In Cars

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barry1010 | 23:40 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Motoring
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Some cars automatically contact 999 if a collision is registered in its 'brain'.  It sends co-ordinates so that the emergency services can find the car.

My question is would this always work or is it reliant on a mobile signal?

I thought this was a bit of a gimmick but the tragic incident resulting in the death of four young men has made me think again





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It needs a mobile signal ...

The system requires there to be a mobile phone signal available in the relevant area but it could be from any service provider.  Just as it's always possible to make a 999 call from any mobile phone, even if it's not got a valid SIM in it, using any available network, so it's also possible for the automated system to reach 999 as long as the location is within range of any mobile phone mast.

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Thank you both. This really could be a life saver where the occupants of the car are unable to use their phones.

It seems it could be a good thing after all

They best make it of 'black box' material then or it may not survive the crash.

mmmmm? Indeed a life saver one day but a waste of resources the next when Gladys prangs into the trolley park for the second time this month. 

Question Author

Does it have the facility for the car occupant to respond, cancelling any response?  Does it only react to severe impact and ignore prangs?

Question Author

I've just read that it only works if the air bags are deployed 

You can trigger it manually as well as when the air bags are deployed.

Question Author

Thanks for that, so unlikely to send an alert due to a car park prang.

I had not had my Focus very long when I noticed for the first time the, "Emergency Assistance on" message and it scared the life out me wondering what the emergency was.

That's logical re air bags then I approve! 

What happens if badly hit on the side of the car?

Question Author

Corby, my old banger has airbags at the sides of the car - I thought all cars did these days

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Automatic Emergency Alert In Cars

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