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Did I Ask The Car Dealer Too Much?

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Treacle71 | 00:16 Sat 30th Dec 2023 | Motoring
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I went to a car dealer about 12 miles from me. It was an awful busy journey, but I liked the cars I saw online. However the dealer was situated in an industrial estate and I knew I'd never be able to test drive a car round there as it was right along a dual carriageway. I asked the salesman if the car I was interested in could be transferred over to my local branch to test drive it near me as my local branch didn't have any cars in stock I liked, plus, I'm used to my own area, but he pulled a face saying if I bought a car from them, then they could deliver it to me. 

Did I ask wrongly for this or, as a customer, did I have the right to ask for this transfer?



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Most salesmen will bend over backwards to make a sale, so if your reasonable requests are ignored, walk away.
12:30 Sat 30th Dec 2023

If it had been transferred to your local branch, the salesman at that branch would get the comission for selling it to you, costing the guy that you spoke to a few hundred quid.  So I'm unsurprised that he wasn't too impressed with the idea! 

no right or wrong, you can ask, they can say yes or no.

If you're still interested in a car from that dealership, simply ask the salesman to drive it to somewhere where you'd feel confident in taking over from him behind the steering wheel.  It'll only take a few minutes of his time and, with a few hundred quid of commission possibly at stake for him, he's almost certain to agree!

I'm sure most people are like me and would never buy a car without taking it for a test drive first.

Explain to the guy that you really like the car, but you want to test drive it first just to make sure it's right for you.  He'll hopefully see the pound signs wafting in front of his eyes and he should be bending over backwards to accommodate you.

The world is a strange place when the wants or feelings of a professional liar are held up as of any consequence whatsoever.

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Huh, Douglas9401? (scratches head)

You asked the wrong question.

you should have asked to go for a test drive in a quieter area.

Question Author

With the salesman's 'expertise', I'm sure he could've read between the lines, Redhelen72.  I'll stick to a more local dealer next time.

Most salesmen will bend over backwards to make a sale, so if your reasonable requests are ignored, walk away.

It wasn't wrong to ask as such but I would never expect a dealer to drive a car 12 miles to me so I could try it and then probably say no. How far would you ecpect them to drive for a client to test?

Yes you should have asked him to take you out and drive you to a quieter area for you to practice. Can you not manage dual carriageways?

Perhaps he should have realised that you were not capable of driving in a dual carriageway!

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Nope, not along a dual carriageway in an area I don't know, nor a car I've never driven before with a salesman next to me - no way.  I'd be shaking like a leaf.  Like Redhelen72 said, I walked away and glad I did!  None of the salesmen even said hello to me when I stood waiting to talk to them even though about 9 of them were at their computers and could see me.  When I bought a used car 10 years ago, the salesman let me have the car all to myself for the day, but sadly they're no longer there.  Back to the drawing board.

Used cars for sale by a dealer aren't taxed so can only be driven with trade plates displayed.  Perfectly legal for a test drive but only if an authorised employee is also in the car.  So no chance of having a car to yourself for a day.

If I go shopping for a car or anything else, being pounced on by a salesperson is guaranteed to make me walk out.  Just leave me in peace whilst I browse.


I've had a few test drives on trade plates without the 'supervision' of a liar or conman in the employ of the vendors.

Tesla were promoting their cars at our local shopping centre. Someone I know asked for a test drive. They checked his licence, gave him the key & told him where the car was parked. he took it for a test drive on his own & returned when he'd finished.

I once had a car I saw on Autotrader transferred to my local dealer for test drive. I had to pay £200 refundable deposit. I did buy the car.  

Many years ago I was given a demonstrator from Friday evening to Monday morning to use as I pleased...loved the car and ordered a new one straight away.

My latest (brand new) car...coming up to five years old now...was bought through carwow. Massive savings and no dealer to visit or haggle with.  Highly recommend them.

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Thank you to you all. I've learnt so much xxx Happy New Year. I'll let you know when I get my car.

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Did I Ask The Car Dealer Too Much?

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