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Sell Xc90 Or Freelander 2?

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barnaclebill58 | 14:47 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Motoring
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I would be grateful for the collective wisdom-there is no right answer. Both are 12 years old and one is going to be replaced by a small hatchback . The Volvo is very smooth on the road , the FL2 is better on  a rough farm track . Both are encountered on a daily basis. I prefer the FL2 BUT it has been disappointingly expensive to maintain - having needed a new thermostat assembly , power transfer unit , some suspension bits and a new handbrake assembly . The Volvo hasn't needed anything other than routine maintenance . The dilemma is whether the Volvo is about to need a lot doing while the FL2 will need nothing doing from now or if the Volvo is just very reliable and the FL2 will continue to be a moneypit. Thoughts, please.



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Would the Volvo cope with the rough farm track?  If not then best to keep the FL2 or you could end up wrecking the Volvo.

^^^ I was thinking long much the same lines as Lankeela seems to be.

i.e. you've currently got one road vehicle and one off-road one.  If you replace the Freelander, you'll be left without an off-road vehicle but replacing the Volvo would still leave you with one of each.

The volvo is an infinitely better car. The Freelander is terrible and will cost you money continually. Stick with the Volvo.

I'd just go a touch slower on the farm track in the Volvo and lose the Landy.

Land Rover insurance is very high right now ... I'd sell that one.

I've got a Volvo V70 which I bought new and will be 16 tomorrow. It's done about 220,000 miles, has been very reliable and still feels like new. I wouldn't swap it.

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The XC90 is on demand 4WD and plenty use them to pull horse trailers off road -but the tracking (which I count as routine maintenance) does need doing twice a year as hitting hard bumps seems to throw it out -whereas the FL2 seems bombproof in that respect. I like Douglas' answer -just go a bit slower and don't hit bumps hard.

XC90 isn't the easiest to park in town and can be nightmare in multistoreys built when cars were much smaller but it can carry a lot in 5 seat mode and even more with the seats folded down.

Hmm -leaning towards keeping the XC90. 


get a Toyota Hi-Lux

Volvo 9/10

Landy 5/10

Reliability of any mix always wins.

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Sell Xc90 Or Freelander 2?

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