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Mercedes Ml350 Egr Valve Fault

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sammmo | 11:48 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | Motoring
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The EGRvalve in my Mercedes ml350 is faulty. The car has been driving ok but today I've noticed a slight knocking noise and smoke coming out of the exhaust when  excelerating. Would the EGR valve cause this or could it be something else. 



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Here’s some information on the working of the EGR valve – they even offer a free check (on the EGR valve) if you scroll down to the end.

Have you got an EGR warning light or fault code?

EGR valves do get incredibly filthy but I don't think it would be the cause of excessive smoke. Smoke suggests oil is being burnt so oil may be getting into the cylinders - worn valve guides or tappets?

What's you mileage?

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I'm not exactly sure if it's the EGR valve. The fault is P2459 diesel particulate filter regeneration frequency. Does anyone have any idea how to fix that. 

Often a sign that the car isn't being run far enough/long enough to get the catalytic converter up to temperature. Take it for a good run & see if that cures it (the fault code may have to be erased using a code reader).

Or it could be a sensor problem.

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Mercedes Ml350 Egr Valve Fault

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