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Buying Garmin Sat Nav For Car - Is There Anything Else I Need To Buy For It To Work

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bluefortress | 12:01 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | Motoring
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Is there anything I need to think about if I buy a Garmin sat nav for my car, I would like a holder that attaches in the cd slot this would be more secure than one of those window suckers. 

I remember buying one a long time ago and I needed a tiny card or something in order to update it 

Is it the same these days is there anything else I would need to get it working properly?



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Just a full charge when doing an update.

There is no card slot in my TomTom, it updates via USB to my PC or other the air.  I expect Garmin to be the same

There is a slot on my Garmin for a memory card, for when the internal storage is too small for, say, a whole of Europe download.

If you're looking for a mounting kit, have a look here

Had one for my Garmin Nuvi some time ago. Better than a Sucker windscreen mount.

A window mounted satnav is the safest:  judiciously placed, you can keep the corner of your eye on it while still watching the road ahead (at least I can).

On this subject if I may; my Garmin Nuvi after years of giving notices of the next event as "300 metres ahead" she (Gladys I call her) has suddenly changed it to 700 metres, which is far too long, anyone else had this ?

All you need do now is buy a car for your satnav.

(And a dashcam too ?)

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Thanks for the replies guys they have helped

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Thanks Geezer of course! Cars are way too expensive so I just bought the nav :D

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Buying Garmin Sat Nav For Car - Is There Anything Else I Need To Buy For It To Work

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