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Classic Cars On The Road......

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ToraToraTora | 14:49 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | Motoring
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Took the bike out for a good long ride yesterday. The old current bun was out and it was great. It seems others were out in their toys too. I saw a ford Angle box, my first ever car! A morris minor van, an early 70s Porsche 911 and an Austin 7. This morning when I was walking to the pub for lunch, low and behold I saw an old 1961 cresta! Great to see these old Jam Jars running.



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I expect we will probably see more classic cars around our way these days. A lot of perfectly good roadworthy and reasonably new vehicles have been deemed 'non-compliant' by our mayor Ayatollah Khan. Was a time when the classics only came out in the sun or to go to rallys but I see many more out on the roads in all weathers these days. I saw an Austin Healy 3000 the other day and it was pristine.

My uncle owned a pink and grey cresta it was his pride and joy. Living locally to the Vauxhall factory he always had Vauxhall cars they employed 25,000 people in those days

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Classic Cars On The Road......

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