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White van man and parking!

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tinshed | 18:18 Thu 23rd Mar 2006 | Motoring
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Hi, I live in a small terraced street where the parking is unbelieveably pathetic. You can never get parked outside your own house( i know you dont have the right to park outside your own house, before some smart alec comments) but you have people who own two cars creating problems and dont like anybody else parking outside there house, but are quite prepared to park outside other houses untill there front is clear.Then rush out and move their cars to get parked on there fronts. Now my problem is i have white van man who keeps parking outside my house blocking my window, its roughly 3ft away, this blocks the light in and also i have a nice view of white metal to look at. Has anybody any ideas how to approach him and point out the problem before i get aggressive and start ranting and raving at him, i know he has a problem getting parked outside his house as his inconsiderate neighbours have two cars and keep parking them on his front. By the way i dont think hes to bothered where he parks as its a commercial van so if it gets damaged he wont have to pay to repair it.

But it always seems to be outside my front window.

I know this is long winded but its doing my partners head in, who then winges to me about it.




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It is the same where I live I keep mine in garage but it is hilarious to watch people run out and move down when space at house is clear. A new lady moved into the street and she parked where my neighbour parks and when the new lady moved her car my neighbour was out like a rocket to get her space .The new lady gave in and parked further back .I dont think you can say anything you will probably get a mouthful but I do agree it is a bit bad if a van is right outside your window.

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You are quite right it is funny to watch, but not when its happening to you. We only bought this house last July and never thought about the parking. Oh well got new neighbour next door and shes just finding out its hellish to try and park outside your own house.
I wasn't making fun of you in replying but you said yourself they rush outside as soon as there front is clear and was just commenting that it happens here. But your real issue is the van that parks outside your house and I just made a comment that you probably couldn't do anything about it as he will just say I pay my road tax as well as everyone else and I can park where I like.The people in this street are not considerate where they park.And I dont think the new woman I mentioned should have gone further up the street as she had parked outside her own gate but because the previous owners garaged their car this neighbour thought she owned that space.

I have exactly the same problem and unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it.

I live in a terraced house and my next door neighbour has 1 car and 1 white van plus her boyfriend stops over most of the time, which makes 2 cars and the white van. The van is usually parked about 2 foot from my window, as she arrives home from work before me. Not a nice view and no sunlight!

i own a white van but leave it at work. my idea, though impractical, may bring some light relief to a horrid situation. draw a nice landscape on the side of the van then you will have a country view . ask him to allign it correctly each time he parks so the pic is not out of kilter. no help but ever so tempting, eh?
You may be able to complain to your local planning authority about the van. The view is that commercial vehicles should be parked on commercial premises when not in use and that this could be a change of use of the road or drivers home to business use requiring planning permission. It happened to me.

I live in a narrow terraced street where the front doors open directly on to the road -it's also a bus route and I have both a car and a company van. I live over 40 miles from base so leaving it there of a night isn't a viable option. The only time I get to park outside my house is if I finish before 6pm which isn't often. I had a mild but perfectly polite comment from a neighbour that it blocks the sunlight on occasions, but I never seem to park in the same place twice and often end up in the next street along.

There are sometimes other vans that park, but everyone along here is used to grabbing a space where they can. I'll generally try and park my car outside the house as it seldom moves in the week - I only park the van there if I need to access equipment within as I occasionally clean and test items at home. Live and let live!

Not sure how you could approach him as i'm sure he would parke somewher else if it were available. Legally he has the right to park anywher - unless he is blocking acces for emergency vehicles. If you would like to take things further - take some photos of the parked van, blocking the light from your window and take it to County Court - should cost about �60 for a 'private nuisance' hearing. If the DJ finds for you, then he will be able to order that the vehicle does not park in front of your window.
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I know you werent being sarcastic wendilla just p***ed off with situation.

Thanks for all your replies will approach him if he keeps on doing it.

Like the painting a picture on side of van reply, possibly go with the salvadore dahli theme that might **** him off then.

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White van man and parking!

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