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imprezashit | 15:46 Thu 06th Apr 2006 | Motoring
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I am looking to mod my car, and I mean everything. At the moment, while I am saving for my full body kit and chromes, I am on a budget of around �20.00 p/w. Does anyone know of any cheap mods I can get for my car on this budget, as I am looking to get 'a mod a week'.


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I think thats really sad....your just as bad as them!

It's a good tactic - works best on BMW's.

If you see one with no badge, it's probably a 316 or 318 but they're too embarrased to admit it.

If you see a Dolphin Grey E30 in South Wales, and the driver has a mohican - give me a wave as I drive past (ps my car has no pointless exterior mods, but the engine is, let's just say, non-standard : p)

hey give the guy a break, we've all got to start somewhere.

This might be handy.....

gouldc,after reading your comment on ram raiding halfords i fell off my stool. (comfy chair type not toilet type [saxo?] ) seeing as how you're a insurance claims type chappy i was wondering if you would help me sue you for aforementioned fall and we could split anything i get out of you 50/50 ? does this sound like a good idea?
I'd still paint it red.

It's a well known fact that red cars are rare as rocking horse **** (especially fiesta's), and therefore worth whatever the owner thinks they are. I would agree that painting a saxo red would increase the value. Maybe adding a blue light would also make it a fire engine?

In regards to markja - I'm pretty sure I can come up with a case law that states it's you responsibility to ensure that you were seated correctly at the time of the laughter infraction, and I'll sue you (possible 70/30 settlement, but I'll come out oK. Plus I'll register your seat as written off cos I'm a horrible, horrible *******

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Cheap Mods

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