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LGV, PCV, and white van speed limits

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ianess | 13:50 Thu 15th Jun 2006 | Motoring
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Why do the police take no action against so-called professional or commercial vehicle drivers who so blatantly ignore the speed limits set for their particular type of vehicle?
It can be almost terrifying mixing it with these characters at or around 70mph but the police only seem to hunt down car drivers when it comes to enforcing speed limits.


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I got pulled over in Wales for breaking the speed limit for the van I was driving, I was below the speed limit for a car.

Nice police chappy told me he couldn't do me as he had no vascar in his vehicle and he was by himself.

I don't think they are ignoring them as such it's just that the police have pretty much given up on traffic law enforcement having left it to the speed cameras. Obviously this is because speeding is the greatest of all the driving evils and we now have a fool proof way of catching the spawn of satan, the speeder. All the other far more minor offences, like dangerous driving, drink driving etc are far to petty to warrent police intervention. This leaves our boys in blue with lots more time to persecute the general public for a variety of isms based on the beliefs of their liberal elite masters.
and of course VOSA are pulling you over checking your tacho, weight, C&U compliance and generally making your life hell. If only it was just speed limits!
maybe the speed limits are out of date for lgv i was stopped on the A9 in scotland for going 40 with an hgv and told to go at 50 as i was holding up traffic speed limit was 40
Completly agree with you Loosehead!

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LGV, PCV, and white van speed limits

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