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Speed Limits

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Creamer20 | 14:31 Wed 09th Aug 2006 | Motoring
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Should speed limits exist?

Personally i dont travel any faster then 70mph, because thats the speed limit (or 30, 40, 50mph whatever the speed limit is)

Im just curious as to what the general opinion is of the public....

Is there any excuse to travel over 70mph?
Should cars be limited to 70mph?
Is there ever a ligitimate excuse to travel any faster?


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Was I sat behind you the fast lane of the M4 last week?
We need speed limits, but sensible ones.

The big problem is that many people feel the need to travel at the speed limit whatever the road conditions and traffic density are. I have witnessed many accidents where people have driven at speeds beyond their field of vision eg going round a bend as if nothing could be watining to turn right at a junction.

Over the years cars have become more refined and the standard of driving has dropped dramatically. There is no courtesy on the road and indicators are rarely used.

I would not like to see cars fitted with speed limiters. What is needed is better driver education and a system which fines speeders according to their income, eg 30% of their weekly income. I also believe that this percentage should be increased to 50% after two convictions.

The time saved on most journeys by doing an extra 5 - 10 mph is negligible.

Lastly, there is no fast lane on a motorway. Unless you are overtaking slower moving traffic you should keep to the inside lane. I have to admit that I travel at about 75/80 on the motorway when and where conditions allow it and I find myself struggling to overtake because some moron is doing 90+ and driving like a suicide pilot. I see the outside lane on the M6 full of fools every day driving about twenty feet apart.

It is better to 5 minutes late in this world than dead early in the next.
Well after seeing a police driving instructor showing his fellow drivers how to drive on the opposite side of the road going the wrong way "right hand side of the road" on a country road with no regards to what may come round the corner and then in the right hand lane to go straight over a roundabout , dont you think we need someone who cares?
Is there any excuse to travel over 70mph?
Should cars be limited to 70mph?
Is there ever a ligitimate excuse to travel any faster?

1. is there any excuse to travel over 30mph?
2. Should cars be limited to 40mph?
3. No

Personally I think the limit should be raised to 80mph or 90mph on motorways only

However I think if they were raised people would still exceed them and therefore, going over that should be punished more seriously if they are caught.

I agree with Electrochem.

Touareg -8. If that is what the instructor was doing, he will probably be issuing parking tickets next week. The police advanced course brings drivers up to a very high level. Yes there are mistakes, and even stupidity, but I am talking about the majority who go unnoticed. With 8 hours a day instruction for six weeks (and this after passing the beginners and intermediate courses) it really is possible to see much more than other drivers see. I know both of the manoeuvres you describe and they can be used in complete safety by a properly trained driver. They are of course not used without very good reason.
I am being completely honest with you and i think if a policeman can drive like that then hes a danger to us all.

but to drive on the wrong side of the road at around 60mph then he wants sacking .
Thats not advanced training thats showing off.
To somewhat deviate from the question and in reply to the remarks apropos police drivers.

It is well known that Class 1 Police Drivers are taught to go to the right hand side of the road when approaching a nearside bend. This gives much better vision round the bend. You will also notice that on the approach to an offside bend they will keep well to the left. Roadcraft (the Police Driving Manual) will explain this in detail.

Compare this to the idiiots who cross double white lines, read maps, use hand held 'phones, tailgate etc and the argument falls apart.
What 3 or 4 times lol
what aload of crap
Dear WoWo,

1, Yes
2, No
3, Because life's too short.
No matter what the speed limits were, people would still ignore them. I travel on the M60 every day and never fail to see some idiot who thinks the speed limits don't apply to them; driving like they're on a suicide mission.

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Speed Limits

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